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Furnace & Assay Supplies Pty Ltd, pride themselves in making sure their customers receive the best quality fire assay furnaces and furnace spare parts in the quickest possible time. But what makes them stand out from the rest is their technical service.

After Sales Service is an important specialty. There is a lot of pride taken in the manufacturing of their furnaces, hence why they like to see their furnaces being well looked after once commissioned and operating. Assisting the client to see furnaces in operation, running efficiently and not breaking down well before their expected lifespan is the goal of Furnace and Assay Supplies.

Recommended Spare Parts Lists are available for all furnaces sold. Furnace and Assay Supplies hold large levels of all critical spare parts to ensure urgent shipping requests can be fulfilled quickly.

Commissioning regulations vary around the world so depending on the country Furnace and Assay Supplies can assist in the preparation of paper work required for gas approvals, arrange for inspectors and do commissioning, to get the equipment up and running in the quickest possible time.

Customer Feedback is encouraged to ensure continued improvement so that they can respond to the ever changing requirements of the industry. Furnace designs have evolved over the years based on end user input.