“Good Old Fashioned Service”

At Furnace & Assay Supplies Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves in making sure our customers receive the best quality fire assay furnaces and furnace spare parts in the quickest possible time. But what makes us stand out from the rest is our technical service.

Choosing the right furnaces and spare parts for your operation can be very important. Many factors determine which furnace is the best to use. At Furnace & Assay Supplies we encourage our clients and distributors not to try and guess which furnace/s or parts they need but to simply call or email us and ask. This is a simple potential cost saving exercise.

After Sales Service is our specialty. We take a lot of pride in the manufacturing of our furnaces, hence we like to see our furnaces being well looked after once commissioned and operating. We don’t like to see our furnaces not in operation, running poorly or breaking down well before their expected lifespan.

Recommended Spare Parts Lists are available for all furnaces we produce. There is no obligation at all to buy these spares from us but we do hold large levels of all critical spare parts to ensure urgent shipping requests can be fulfilled. Whatever the spare part is, we know you need it yesterday so we’ll have it in stock ready to send last week!!!!

Down time costs money. Furnace & Assay Supplies are committed to getting you back to full working capacity in the shortest possible time. We have technicians ready to remotely trouble shoot your furnace issues. Through correspondence we can normally repair the furnace by advising you of what the problem is and how to fix it. When this fails then we always leave the option open to fly one of our technicians anywhere around the world to repair the problem.

Preventative Maintenance Programs is a practice that more and more laboratories around the world are using to minimize or eradicate down time through equipment breakdowns. At Furnace & Assay Supplies, we are a step ahead of this trend, with the recently released “Furnace Maintenance Package”. This package will provide you with a regular maintenance schedule, a log book to record your furnace settings and the required equipment to take these readings. The readings can be submitted to our trained technical consultants via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . They can then provide you with technical support, all designed to reduce or eliminate down time whilst also ensuring your furnaces run fuel efficiently and last their full life span by advising you of potential issues or small issues before they become major issue. On top of this package or on its own, you can also ask for your site to join our annual maintenance trip itinerary. We have field technicians who travel around the world already for scheduled service trips. These trips are planned in advance, and extra time is left aside, so that as many sites as possible can join in order to reduce their share of the travel expenses for our technicians to travel from Perth, Western Australia to wherever you are around the world. We will fine tune, repair or reline/rebrick your furnaces whilst training your staff so that you can handle most to all of your own maintenance and repairs in house.

Commissioning regulations vary around the world so depending on your country we can send your paper work away for your gas approvals, arrange for an inspector and do your commissioning, so that you can get up and running in the quickest possible time.

Customer Feedback will ensure we can continue to improve and respond to your changing needs. Many furnace designs have changed based on expert input. We see the expert as you, the end user. Stay in touch with our team, let us know whatever is on your mind, good or bad regarding Fire Assay, Fire Assay Furnaces and Furnace & Assay Supplies. If you don’t tell us we may never know!!!


Once you join the Furnace & Assay Supplies  family, you will always have the peace of mind that you will have us at hand to answer any questions you may have.


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